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During 100 CE to 600 CE, India’s prosperities soared through technological advancement and expanding religious practices. Although advancement changed the culture, many traditional characteristics and gender roles remained the same. Throughout 100 CE to 600 CE, different cultures that encountered India saw changing religious practices and expanded technology through trade and science, despite the many characteristics of Indian culture, such as gender roles, which remained untouched.
After the fall of the Mauryan Empire, India began a new empire known as the Gupta Empire, which lasted until 550 CE. The Gupta Empire reigned over most of northern and central India. This new empire brought India into a golden age. The Gupta Dynasty brought more peace and prosperity than ever before because of the Silk Roads. Through 100 CE to 600 CE, India’s culture advanced with goods, ideas, and technologies due to the silk roads. With the growing civilization, widespread trade grew with other countries. India created extensive trade relationships within the continent. This gradual change of trade routes forming resulted in Indian influence spreading because of the new extensive trade routes. Through the Silk Roads, trade was extended too many cultures. Also, this changed the political power of India due to the extreme number of goods. The want and need for these goods throughout the Western nations gave India influential power. India’s culture and political power grew as the civilization became popular with other cultures because of their luxury exports such as: cotton goods, and pepper. Due to the Silk Road, the Indian civilization entered a reign of peace and prosperity. India changed in the expansion of trade because of their extensive trade...

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...ce throughout society. In addition, due to the large belief of Hinduism, women could be believed to inferior to men, who were a strong continuity throughout many societies. For example women in China were substandard to men. Ancient Chinese women were forced to serve their husbands, and the only matter to their life was to provide a male child for the family.
No classical civilization has touched the world so much as India. It was central to different cultural exchanges. Important revolutions such as math and science came from India. The change although gradual made a huge impact on the world. The spread of Buddhism throughout India was a gradual change that changed the world of religions. Indian influence with Buddhism was very important to Southeast Asia. Placed between two great empires, India was ideal to spread its cultural influence to both east and west.

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