Essay about The Influence Of The American Revolution

Essay about The Influence Of The American Revolution

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The founding documents of the United States of America have persisted to prevail a message to Americans as models of excellence in their fulfillments of perfection to the best of their abilities. The instruments that shaped The United states of America are merely products of fragments composed together to produce a foundation in which the United States stand on. These fragments include ideologies from the European Enlightenment in the age of reason which prompted an American Enlightenment to start beginning in the 1700’s. Events surrounding the American Revolution were lessons for the authors of these founding documents to show the effects of they had upon being introduced to the citizens. Together The European and American Enlightenment ideologies along with the events surrounding the American revolution manifested themselves in the founding documents of the United States of America.
Kings have ruled nations and empires since the beginnings of civilizations justifying their autocracies through ideologies such as “divine rights of kings” which was supported by people like Thomas Hobbes. Along with these ideologies came opposing figueres during the Age of Reason deemed “the enlightened thinkers” who opened a new outlook in systems of government which were later adopted by various revolutionary documents including the Declaration of independence. Those from whom most influenced the revolutionary documents of America were European the philosophers; John Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau and Voltaire. The founding fathers of America examined the varieties of government models and their final conclusion “The Constitution” particularly resembled the writing of the European philosophers. For example, John Locke 's basis’s, life, libe...

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...the matter. The opening words of the constitution “We the People …do ordain and establish this Constitution” addressed rebellions against the government and condemned them because of the events like Shays Rebellion. The unique events surrounding the Revolutions embedded their traces in the founding documents which are still in effect today.
It took allot to create a country with a governmental structure that has stood for over two hundred years. The founding documents of the United States of America were built on extensive searches for which would be most suitable for Americans. Trial and error were presented through the events that surrounded the revolution. Both the European and American enlightenment manifested themselves in not only the American founding documents but also in the majority of American culture and beliefs which have lasted for over two centuries.

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