The Influence Of Social Media Campaigns Into New Zealand Media Essay

The Influence Of Social Media Campaigns Into New Zealand Media Essay

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Hashtag Domination: The influence of social media campaigns into New Zealand media.

Social networks and the rise of social media campaigns continue to dominate mainstream media. Their aim to primarily network has evolved into a medium to protest political or social agendas, and amplify minority voices (Kim, 2014). The driving force behind a social media campaign now resonates in the power and participation of digital activism (Hill, 2013). This new wave of activism encourages people from global channels to be advocates of change within society, by triggering awareness, accountability and open democracy (Ramon Gil-Garcia & Sandoval-Almazan, 2014). With this idea in mind, the question proposed is: In what ways did the hash tag #BringBackOurGirls promote online activism and help push the story into mainstream New Zealand media? This literature review analyses specific keywords such as digital activism, slacktivism and identifies the role of media ownership between New Zealand and its international counterparts. Theories associated with this field of research are categorized into agenda setting theory and the propaganda model which both relate to the media elite within society. The methodology of conducting this research will consist through quantitative content analysis of online mass media and social networks. Furthermore the aim of this literature review is to gain a further understanding into the reach and scope of how #BringBackOurGirls circulated to a global audience and the flow on effects into New Zealand media.

The chosen literature of this research focuses on various media channels and the common themes presented throughout. Limitations around this literature include a lack of academic resources specific to the cultivat...

... middle of paper ...

...ify common themes in relation to the influence of #bringbackourgirls into New Zealand mainstream media. The impact of digital activism and media ownership are highly dependable on the reciporary relationship between global and national media. The aim of both the agenda setting theory and propaganda model clearly outline the effect of the media elite, in defining what is newsworthy for the public interest. In using the methodology of quantitative content analysis, through algorithmic and textual insight, thorough conclusions can be identified on direct influence patterns in New Zealand media discourse. A lack of research materials into New Zealand social media campaigns is prevelant, thus the propsed question is relevant for the foundations of future research. It will provide analysis on the strength of digital activism with specific attention to a New Zealand context

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