Influence Of Religion On The Perspective Of Marriage Essay

Influence Of Religion On The Perspective Of Marriage Essay

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The influence of religion on the perspective of marriage in people
Admittedly, there are some topics in society that are related to each other, and one clear example is marriage and religion. These two main topics are undoubtedly linked to each other, and are very common in society. However, when speaking of marriage; it is impossible not to think in the most common stereotype about marriage, which is that women tend to dream more about getting marry than men does, and this desire could be influence by the religion orientation of the women. Thus making a woman most likely to get marry if she belongs to a religion orientation. Furthermore, this worldwide topic somehow represents the beliefs of people, and it is here when religion plays an important role. For example, depending on what a person belief, this would be taught to his or her children and that might persist from generation to generation, yet in some cases as person growths he or she has his or her own desire to stick to his or her beliefs; or change his or her way of thinking. Nowadays, there is a different perspective of marriage and the factors that can bring with it. Pedersen’s (2014) this study showed that a person perspective of marriage could be influence, either a person belongs to a religious denomination or not. According to his study the more young adults are attached to their religious belief; the less likely they are to engage in sexual relationship before marriage, and the fewer partners they have in life. As another aspect, the importance of God in the relationship could also influence the success of marriage. A clear example, when Christian couples seem God as a superior authority that helps them to build a stronger bon...

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...most probable a couple would stay together (Hunt, & King, 1978). In final analysis, it is important to emphasize, that there is an important factor that links religion to marriage, and this is love because, without love none of these two things, wouldn’t be possible, in other words if a person doesn’t have love for God or what he or she believes, there would not be religion. Likewise if a person doesn’t love another person marriage wouldn’t exist. Considering that love is one of the commandments of God, it is important as a society that we practice this commandment. (Elliot, 2012) stated on his journal that love is an emotion, and that emotion is a part of Christians, however through the past of the years the emotional core of love has been greatly neglected. So, this could be one of the causes why marriage in today’s society less important than it was decades ago.

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