Essay about The Influence of Religion on Mother Teresa

Essay about The Influence of Religion on Mother Teresa

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Religion can impact a person's life through the teachings, and the values and attitudes presented. The effect which religion can give can either be positive or negative. The effect of the Catholic religion on mother Teresa was a positive influence, an influence whichever inspired others to follow her. Agnes Gonxha, or ‘flower bud’, the translation of Gonxha, was the birth name which Mother Teresa was given by her parents. Her family took religion quite seriously, and which in turn lead Agnes to be a religious person known by many. Though Mother Teresa sparked the world with her attitude of helping others and showing the example of God’s love, she never claimed to be anyone special, just another being following in Jesus’s words. Within her life, Mother Teresa was “deeply religious” (Lazar), and tried to assist those that were ill, dying, homeless and uneducated at first in Calcutta, then around the world. At the age of twelve, Agnes received a calling from God, to become a nun, and so she followed this will from God. To become a nun, and the lady known as Mother Teresa, Agnes had to take the last vows of obedience, chastity and poverty to follow the ways which Jesus was, and in the end the influence which had on Agnes's, or Mother Teresa's life.

To become a nun, a woman must obey God's will, no matter what has been asked. Mother Teresa took this vow seriously, she obeyed God's will in every little thing she did, and was a major influence on her life. In obeying God's will, Mother Teresa worked wonders in the world which she lived. Mother Teresa build many homes for the sick, dying and unfortunate, and many schools as well for the uneducated. All these were due to her calling from God. Mother Teresa received two callings from Go...

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