Essay about Influence of Religion on Developing Societies

Essay about Influence of Religion on Developing Societies

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The influence of religion on developing societies is important and significant with the integrating of core beliefs. The foundation of religion is Judaism which is apart from all the other religions whom from the start employed a monotheism salvation theme from the beginning of time. My focal point will be on the monotheism salvation theme of religions organizations like Judaism, Christianity and Islam on the concept of one God, spiritual faith, and purpose in life and how closely related they are to each other yet difference. It would be impossible to write all that has happened in the history of these religion organizations so my intent is to show the formation from the start and growth in the believers as each of the religions developed. Sovereignty
Before I can start writing this essay on a monotheism theme in relationship to Christianity and Islam I will describe the beginnings of the Judaism religion based on the historical context of the Bible. The basic comprehension of Judaism plays a vital role in the history of civilization and that belief with a purpose. The nation of Israel did not choose God but the Sovereignty of God of all creation of the heaven and earth and all that is contained within chose them in one man, Abraham and his descendants, (Gen. 12:1 NKJV). That God might “reserve a people for himself, among whom his true worship might be maintained till the coming of Christ” (Matthew ) not on the premise that these people were good but that God is merciful to His creation the human race. In this point in history the One God Salvation theme was in its infancy to reveal in future dealings in the progression passage of humanity. God’s interaction between His chosen people and the process of the transformat...

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...desired to a part of this faith. Jesus came to collect the shatter sheep of his flock the Israel nation and upon his death to welcome in the Gentile nations into a spiritual and purer form of worship. God’s promise, confirmed by His oath the fulfillment of the covenant with Abraham concerning the blessings that all families of all nations would be blessed.
Henry Formby put it amply by describing that the Hebrew people “counsels of God by their peculiar election, that they should be the candle of God, set up on a candlestick in the midst of that nations, to give light to all that are in the house, that is the world.”(2003) Even though the Hebrew nation as Moses called them a “rebellious and a stiff-necked people” could not accept this Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God. Nevertheless they are still the chosen people of God because God has not said otherwise.

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