Influence of Religion on Chinese Culture Essay

Influence of Religion on Chinese Culture Essay

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Religion has remained the root of a good amount of structure in China. Not just China, but the whole
world. Chinese Religion in particular produce great readings that people today still read and find
truly interesting. Some of the greatest leaders believed in religion and some type of a deity.
However you can also say some horrible leaders believed in religion, which the leaders in turn
took religion for granted and used it for their selfish own use. Some people often believe religion
is the cause of wars in china, others believe it to be corruption and greed for power, though both
may be true, Chinese religion has influenced China so much that while they have evolved
technologically, their principles have stayed mostly the same. Traditions people use today dates
back to beginning of China itself, whether it’s Buddhism or Taoism that started the tradition, people
still look for guidance in those religions.
However, having religion last this long throughout the years of China and all of its
Dynasties was not an easy task. Till this day Buddhism is just now starting to revitalize. China,
one of the longest lasting countries, dates back thousands of years. It could also be argued that
religion in China is also some of the longest lasting around the world. Though it is important to
point out China was not the origins of a few religions; One of them being Buddhism.
Nevertheless, it was adopted by the Chinese and became an important factor in the progression
of China. Taoism unintentionally created an item that was used throughout all of the Middle East
and could have turned the tide in the battles they were facing. Religious beliefs have often
changed throughout China, but it has always stayed consistent t...

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... history, never to leave it spot. China has shape itself to what it is today because of religion, whether people tend to believe it or not. When it comes to very roots of Chinese tradition, Religion is what started a majority of them .


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