The Influence Of Personality Development Essay

The Influence Of Personality Development Essay

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Personalities have the tendency to change from birth and throughout life. Each individual is unique and will behave and think differently according to life experiences and connections with people they meet in their social environment. Childhood is an important stage that psychologists have researched due to the influences of family in their early development. Psychologists have also considered how genetics may influence personal traits and forming personalities. This has brought forward the argument of nature versus nurture in early development. Where in other studies, psychologists have investigated personalities of mid aged and mature adults and whether traits are ever evolving. Even though there are psychologists that believe that personality traits can remain continuous and quite unchanged, there is sufficient empirical evidence to the contrary.

To be able to identify if personality does change the definition of personality must be clarified. Psychologists have disagreed on the definition resulting in different views of personality development and change (Heatherton., 1994). Most psychologists however agree that personality has different traits. To investigate if personality does change over the life span, an explanation of what makes every person different from one another and the impact of social environment and genetics must be explored. Ardelt (2000) described two different sets of psychologist who used different methods to categorise personality. The group of psychologists who used broad categorisation concluded that personality did not change. However the other psychologists viewed each individual in their study more specifically to the individual which appears to be more relevant. This group were more open to the idea ...

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... may slow down as maturity is reached, it does not stop as life events and health factors again influence these traits. Whilst the traits are still there, it is evident that change does occur throughout the life of a person. However, these changes may not be easy to grasp as it mostly happens gradually and over a long period of time. With sudden change that may be instigated due to a dramatic event, for example an accident that would change the social environment for a person. Because of the time a study can take it has been very difficult for researchers to follow an individual through a satisfying period of time through their life to reach a true result. Most studies have been conducted over a maximum of 20 years and as a result the answer to wither personality can continue to change or if it is in fact stable is argumentative and still requires further research.

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