Influence Of Online Marketing On Customer Behavior Essay

Influence Of Online Marketing On Customer Behavior Essay

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The increase in available information, well-known businesses and brands on the internet are in addition to providing consumers with a convenient and inexpensive way of belonging to internet community; generate high interest among consumers (Donthu and Garcia, 1999).
The internet has proved to be an indispensable tool in the present-day business-stimulated society such as Nigeria; for marketing purposes, consumer information management, communication and research. Arnott and Bridgewater (2002) propose that interactivity nature of online/internet service enhances firm’s capacity to understand consumer buying behaviour. This could entail that utilization has develop into a ‘cultural experience’ (Kozinets, 1999) –cultural orientations are greatly affected by this experience motivated by online activities. Low-entry barriers have further brought new vendors into online market place (Chen and Dubinsky, 2003) conferring greater dealing capacity, improved choice, and lesser switching costs on the consumers.
Ranaweera et al. (2005) affirms that the ever-increasing pervasiveness of the internet in addition with the effectiveness and convenience of on-line transactions is liable to affect remarkably change customer behaviour and business dealings. According to Gentry and Calantone (2002), the marketers must do the needful to understand the impact of the system economy on the present consumer behaviour. The studies by Cho and Park (2001) discovered evidence necessitated to assess the twin role of the consumer as user of technology and customer. A critical differentiating factor in internet marketing is that consumer behaviour occurs in a machine-assist...

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... the relative low Internet penetration (particularly in rural areas), poor awareness and indifference amongst Nigerians constitute a hurdle to online marketing in the country, it is still a fast rising culture in the country which would potentially benefit from certain advantages of the Internet in the areas of reach, interactivity/intimacy and mobility to boost commercial activities.
In conclusion, it is evident from both Nigeria and International perspectives, that online marketing and use of internet in business activities have emerged and will continue to thrive in a developing economy like Nigeria. Given the pervasive and overwhelming capacities of the internet, it is not out of place to suggest that marketers and businesses now have an uncommon opportunity than before to incredibly influence customers to patronise and ultimately expand business frontiers.

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