The Influence of Money in F. Scott Fitzgerald´s The Great Gatsby and Ernesto Guevara´s Motorcycle Dairies

The Influence of Money in F. Scott Fitzgerald´s The Great Gatsby and Ernesto Guevara´s Motorcycle Dairies

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Books are more than simple stories, they have a message to send to the reader whether it be in a direct or indirect way. Books can also tell us about the author’s life, beliefs, inner ambitions and fears; Moreover, they often project the vision writers have about their environment, reflecting their society in which they lived. Writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernesto Guevara were capable, not only of portraying through their books the society in which they are immerse, but also to convey them in an exquisite social critique. Such literary pieces of art do not criticize in a direct way, nor to specific people or events. They, however, present the vision of the author’s concern with social issues of injustice and misguided or lost values.
The pursuit of money and the corruption of those who aim wealth, are main subjects of critique in books like: “The Great Gatsby” and “Motorcycle Diaries”. Both books portray different visions of the effects of money and the social condition of “wanting more than what we need”, condition that can turn a non important, a completely irrelevant object, into something important which could seem to be vital for us. For our society, money, means more than a piece of paper or metal that it is supposed to make easier the exchange of things, nowadays we do not control money, is money the one who control us. Hard cash and capitalism work by the usage of our vanity to sell us different products, telling us that what we have is not enough to be the best, implanting a need of establishing a perpetuation of our sense of superiority. The media works telling us that we need to be prettier, richer and popular to be happy, and for us to reach this three goals, we need to do whatever it takes, because is through w...

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...vidualism, loss of values and never ending ambition of those who have wealth is the main subject in Guevara’s book, and it is also what changed him and the vision he had of society.
Both books could be seen as the two heads of a coin, in one side is visible how rich people are and live. On the other side is visible the unfairness money had caused in our society, the repercussions of the lack of values and morality of those who have wealth. Also is visible the inhuman conditions in which many poor, or even sick people as happened in isolated leper colony in Peru, have to live.
Comparing both books and their characters we could conclude that money does not buy happiness. Ernesto and Alberto, as they travel, were capable of realize and teach that fraternity, unselfishness and, moreover, the simplicity of life are able to bring more happiness than having a wealthy life

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