Influence Of Hip Hop On Basketball Essay

Influence Of Hip Hop On Basketball Essay

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Hip Hop and Sports, they may be polar opposites on the surface, but as you dig deep you may find that they are vastly interconnectedness and that their relationship definitely plays off of one another. Hip hop has an audience that started off with young black men and women living in urban areas spitting the rhymes of their daily struggle and life. This grew; it became an empire spreading from east to west, from continent to continent and reaching an audience that no one could really ever imagine. Basketball, the game of the ghetto, has grown and reached new heights as well. It has given us many different talented athletes and personalities. It has grown past the sport itself to a brand, it too became an empire. Both of these different things have had a huge impact on the culture, especially the black culture. Black men dominate them both in particular. This plays a huge role in how they are portrayed, especially when the two markets start to overlap. The influence of hip-hop on basketball starts to portray the caricatures and stereotypes of African American athletes and men that later affect the views given to youth in inner city America. This embodies the “American Dream” which keeps kids from focusing on their academics and portraying what it means to be black in America. This is done through hip-hop’s influence on sports through the political aspects of society that influences the rise of both hip-hop and sports in urban areas. Also the socioeconomic influences the people who are involved with these things. Their relationship is also characterized by the rise in both economies of the industries and how they have directly influence one another.
Many characterized both hip-hop and basketball as a way out. This was a way out of ...

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... figure out what they thought separated it from another body. With this perception of black males in the media, sports began to change all together. The black body has also been seen as something of entertainment.
American sports has a huge impact on American culture, so once sports teams like football and basketball start adopting black culture and hip hop culture, we can see it replicated in American society. Sports and professional sports players have always played a big role in marketing. These are what catapults products into being sold to the millions and even billions. These influences shape how they are portrayed in America. All of these specific events and influences have led hip hop and sports to what they have become today thus changing our culture in ways that may be detrimental to society today. [FINISH FOUNDATION TIE BACK INTO CLAIM] END OF FOUNDATION

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