The Influence of Geography on Politics and Policies Essay

The Influence of Geography on Politics and Policies Essay

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The application of influence of political and geography on politics and policies in 1964 are similar to the current geo-political environment. After taking office, President Johnson began a campaign to gain support for his Great Society social agenda. The Federal government would increase spending to combat poverty, resolve civil rights issues, and invest in building the nation’s infrastructure while managing the Vietnam conflict. Likewise, President Obama’s began a campaign to gain support for his social agenda to enact universal health care, rebuild the nation’s infrastructure through stimulus bills, and solve equality issues while administering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both social agendas were met with opposition because both required bi-partisan political support, agencies working alone or as part of an interagency process, and the public’s confidence in the US government (USG) to deliver on the promises of the programs. A national crisis can provide opportunities for the USG to gain the support and confidence of the American public.
The 1964 Alaskan earthquake provided the USG with that opportunity. Six days after the earthquake, President Johnson established the Federal Reconstruction and Development Planning Commission for Alaska (FRDPCA) that successfully coordinated efforts across all agencies to bring the necessary resources to aid Alaska in recovery and rebuilding operations. The Commission involved local and state officials early and often during the recovery and rebuilding process, ensuring it met the needs of the people. The successful response increased the public’s confidence and respect for the USG. This confidence gave President Johnson a boost in public support, which assisted in building legislative...

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...ecting a “whole of government” response reduces the chance of over tasking any one agency.

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