The Influence Of Family Structure Essay

The Influence Of Family Structure Essay

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All three studies represent the powerful impact that family structure has an adolescent female. Living in a single-parent structure tends to increase the sexual activity rate for this group. Females are more vulnerable to having multiple sex partners, exposure to sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy at a young age (Cleveland & Gilson 2004; Orgilés et al., 2012; Boden, et al., 2011). Besides from affecting the social aspect of adolescence, single-parent households also affect the emotional aspect of a female adolescent development.
Emotional Development
Since the impact of a single parent structure has been well documented in the social development of an adolescent, it is assumed that the emotional development must be impacted as well. Not having the other parent present can impact the adolescent’s emotional development. In order to support this thought, several studies relating to self-esteem will be reviewed.
A lack of self-esteem can be influenced by the distressful feelings of parental alienation. Blattner, Liang, Lund, and Spencer (2013) hypothesized that parental alienation has the probability of creating low self-esteem among female adolescents. In order to conduct their study, 207 females participated in the experiment. All of the females were enrolled in private institutions and were either in the 6th, 8th, or 10th grade educational level. The results indicated that the females that experienced average to high levels of parental alienation would also display lower levels of self-esteem. The level of self-esteem from this group of females would also decrease as their levels of searching for purpose in life increased. High levels of searching for purpose in combination with low levels of parental care would ma...

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...these divorced parents to continue spending time with their adolescent daughter, especially the father. Even though other males such as an uncle can be introduced into the female’s life, that male does not replace the father role of a biological father. By removing the father from the picture, a trickle effect of developmental problems erupts. In future studies, it is suggested that more research is done predominantly in female subjects, along with the effects of an absent and primarily raised by a father during adolescent years. In addition, longitudinal studies and case studies should be further researched to better understand the effects of living in a single-parent family as a female adolescent. Being a female during adolescence is difficult enough, add in growing up in a single-family home can make life even more difficult and risky for the female down the road.

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