Influence Of Culture On Children 's Culture Essay

Influence Of Culture On Children 's Culture Essay

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As we grow up we slowly learn more about ourselves, becoming interested in beliefs we may or may not have thought about before. Unlike a piece of artwork being chiseled out of marble, forever set into stone, but perhaps more like play-dough that molds us into something we weren 't before. That’s what I think one 's culture to be. For our parents, their culture doesn 't have to pass on to be their children’s culture. Their children can make their own culture for themselves, as well as their own children. Ultimately Culture is who we are and what we make of it. This includes the habits we can get ourselves into, or even the morals we hold ourselves accountable for. The influences that have molded my culture aren’t just things I put away in the back of my head, they ride along my shoulders for better or for worse. Where the divorce of my parents, deciding to quit cheer freshman year, and influences of my older brother have molded who I am today.
When I was six years old I wanted to be just like my mom, and decided to become a cheerleader. During the time I thought it was a great experience because I met lots of new friends and enjoyed getting all the cool uniforms and bow. I can’t deny receiving medals for my hard work was also a very rewarding feeling. Flash forward eight years I am entering my freshman year of high school. I was at a competition in snowy Columbus, Ohio, in the middle of our competition season. The team I was on at the time was very toxic, and full of girls that were either my age or a few years in high school. The high school girls were pretty mean to each other, and even meaner to the younger ones because they said “We were ruining their chances to win.”. It was a two day competition and the first day had go...

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...nship that had taught me how to be a good friend and them for who they are. He has also been a backbone and I have been his backbone through the years. My parents divorce has also made me into really understand and cherish the relationships around me. I have also pushed myself to give everything I can into relationships and the importance of fighting for those people. If I hadn 't quit cheer I would completely be a different person, I would not really enjoy what I do, and I wouldn 't have been as appreciative of my free time and how I can grow as a person. I don’t think I would be as understanding and as compassionate as I am now. With all of these three things I also have pieced together that I have an indescribable amount of passion for the things and the people I love. I will always but my best foot forward and I will work to make both feet the boot foot forward.

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