The Influence of Art: Personal Narrative Essay

The Influence of Art: Personal Narrative Essay

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My day started kind of rough, because I and my wife couldn’t agree to manage our diverse schedule. I was scheduled to meet with members of my class in downtown San Diego, and she was scheduled for her event at work. Ultimately, after a brief argument, we utilized two different vehicles heading the same direction. A conflict in timing was the cause of our disagreement. As a result, the day for me started chaotic resulting in no inner peace of mind. I didn’t sense no normal pattern of tranquility in my thoughts. I felt mentally exhausted, anguish and pain at the knowledge I that couldn’t be trusted to go to a museum on my own. I started my day with an attitude of frustration and anger. To make matters worse, I thought I was going to a place where historically I found peace and tranquility in my mind. I was always very fond of art, and believe artist today have the freedom to express themselves with whatever style and methodology they have in life. Contemporary artist have greater freedom and influence than artist in the past, because they can use their artistic works to persuade individuals and help them realize or understand they have psychological or emotional personal problems. I believe art can help identify and expose underlying emotional and personal issues that some would normally be reluctant to share openly. This is my own profound personal self-realization.
I didn’t know the exhibit would be displaying two pieces artwork which would awaken and reveal a hidden attitude of remorseful anger. As I analyzed Alfred Jaars and Nan Goldin’s pieces of art, both pieces revealed my conflicting attitudes of frustration, loss, fear, anxiety and anger. I didn’t like these feelings I was confronting at the moment, but I had to come ...

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