The Influence Of Art On Ancient Egypt Essay

The Influence Of Art On Ancient Egypt Essay

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During the 18th Dynasty in Ancient Egypt, the Amarna period rose in the New Kingdom where King Akhenaten (reigned 1353-1336 B.C.E) took charge and ruled over his domain. (footnote) He established many new laws regarding politics, the culture and most importantly the religion of the country. Aspects of art changed drastically in Ancient Egypt, pieces looking more realistic and lively rather than serious and rigid. Unlike in the Old Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom where art symbolized and showed worship to many Gods and Goddesses from the Egyptian pantheon, the king established a rule of worship of a single deity, “Aten,” the Sun God. (footnote) In portraits of the king or the royal family, Aten is always depicted, showing signs of protection and giving his blessings to the new restored city, Akhetaten. The important concept of life in present day instead the after life plays a large contribution to Amarna art. Unfortunately, Akhenaten’s new religion and revolutionary art was short-lived and once he was deceased, his son Tutankhamun (reigned 1332-1322 B.C.E) took over, returning to traditional religious beliefs and worshipping the God “Amun. ” (footnote). Two sculptures in the round depicting members of the royal family both represent different religions, but share mutual features in their art. At the Metropolitan museum of Art, the “Head of a Princess” (ac. number: 2005.363) and the “Head of Tutankhamun,” (ac. number: 50.6) display the true essence of what Amarna art meant. (footnote)
The “Head of a Princess,” dating from 1353-1336 B.C.E during the reign of Akhenaten expresses the new religion established during this period.(footnote) The sculpture is carved from a brown Quartzite, which symbolizes the Egyptian female skin tone. The...

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...lue grown.” (footnote). The head is a fragment from a statue group that represented the God Amun seated on a throne with the young king Tutankhamun. (footnote) This is clearly shown by the chuck of rock with Amun’s hand attached to the head. Even if this is a sculpture in the round, it could be considered as relief sculpture because the head is attached to a background of some sort. The large hand touching Tutankhamun’s crown belongs to the God Amun symbolizing his blessing to the kingship (footnote). Religion restored from Tutankhamun is clearly expressed in this statue by the hand of Amun and the helmet. Observing on the side, freckles are visible indicating human emotion and liveliness. Such art displayed for us to see really defines the true meaning of what religion meant during this period and how art shown in this manner portrayed the God’s in an important way.

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