The Influence Of African American Literature Essay

The Influence Of African American Literature Essay

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Before taking African American Literature I never really thought about the impacts that poetry, songs, stories or folktales really had on society. Rap has never been something I enjoyed and reading has never been overly interesting to me, and finding stories that interested me and caught my attention have been difficult. Throughout this class I have learned a lot about the actual influences of African American literature, while also finding stories that were more than interesting to read. Without African American art and literature society, today, would be so much different. In the “City of Refuge” white people took over black culture like jazz and poetry and twisted it into their own style. Without that “colorful” and inspiring art white people would have never been able to do something more. Slavery would still exist or it may not because the colored man or woman would cease to exist. “Stranger in the Village” would instead be titled “Tourist Visits Village”, because instead of it being a story about a black man in a village, it would be a news article about another white man strolling through a new town. “Chicago Heat” would also be a news article about yet another black family being lynched because of murder. No questions would be asked and no inspiring speech or poem or story would be there to inspire an uprising for change. Throughout this semester each reading gave off a different tone or message but they all had the same theme, everything vs color.
In none of our texts was there an instance where a white man’s life seemed to be terrible or meaningless. When this class first started I would have said “of course this happened. White people always seen to win everything.” Society has made it so white people are powerful beca...

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...nd every one of these men lived at a different time in black history and they all came across the same thing, racial discrimination. All three of these man had one goal, and that was to show the world that they were human too. Fisher showed his views about Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance. He showed how African Americans were now facing the world whites and blacks vs blacks. Baldwin showed how no matter where he went after getting away from America there was always going to be people who didn’t accept him for his color. People were taught that anyone who is black is a work of the devil. Major showed how even the simplest thing, and with prof, that someone will always be out to get the black man. In a time where love for everyone should be welcomed, it isn’t. After reading these stories my views on African American culture and literature has changed dramatically.

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