Inflammation Of A Tendon And The Sleeve Of Tissue That Covers The Tendon Sheath

Inflammation Of A Tendon And The Sleeve Of Tissue That Covers The Tendon Sheath

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Tenosynovitis is inflammation of a tendon and the sleeve of tissue that covers the tendon (tendon sheath). A tendon is cord of tissue that connects muscle to bone. Normally, a tendon slides smoothly inside its tendon sheath. Tenosynovitis limits movement of the tendon and surrounding tissues, which may cause pain and stiffness.
Tenosynovitis can affect any tendon and tendon sheath. Commonly affected areas include tendons in the:
• Shoulder.
• Arm.
• Hand.
• Hip.
• Leg.
• Foot.

The main cause of this condition is wear and tear over time that results in slight tears in the tendon. Other possible causes include:
• A sudden injury to the tendon or tendon sheath.
• A disease that causes inflammation in the body.
• An infection that spreads to the tendon and tendon sheath from a skin wound.
• An infection in another part of the body that spreads to the tendon and tendon sheath through the blood.

The following factors may make you more likely to develop this condition:
• Having rheumatoid arthritis, gout, or diabetes.
• Using IV drugs.
• Doing physical activities that can cause tendon overuse and stress.
• Having gonorrhea.

Symptoms of this condition depend on the cause. Symptoms may include:
• Pain with movement.
• Pain and tenderness when pressing on the tendon and tendon sheath.
• Swelling.
• Stiffness.
If tenosynovitis is caused by an infection, symptoms may also include:
• Fever.
• Redness.
• Warmth.

This condition may be diagnosed based on your medical history and a physical exam. You also may have:
• Blood tests.
• Imaging tests, such as:
○ MRI.
○ Ultrasound.
• A sample of fluid removed from inside the tendon sh...

... middle of paper ...

...ld by your health care provider.
• Avoid using the affected area while you are having symptoms of tenosynovitis.
• If physical therapy was prescribed, do exercises as told by your health care provider.
• Do not use the injured limb to support your body weight until your health care provider says that you can.
General Instructions
• Take over-the-counter and prescription medicines only as told by your health care provider.
• Keep all follow-up visits as told by your health care provider. This is important.

• Your symptoms are not improving or are getting worse.
• You have a fever and more of any of the following symptoms:
○ Pain.
○ Redness.
○ Warmth.
○ Swelling.

• Your fingers or toes become numb or turn blue.

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