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Lorraine Hansberry depicts her character of Beneatha as being inferior to the rest of the human race through the use of the name “Beneatha”, depicting the hardships of African Americans. Hansberry accomplishes her depiction of the hardships through the use of discrimination, both stereotypical and racial, against the African American race and through the general inferiority of her character of Beneatha, in her play, A Raisin in the Sun. For instance, when Hansberry introduces the character of Beneatha, she illustrates that Beneatha is inferior to Ruth in physical appearance (35). Hansberry writes: "([Beneatha] is not as pretty as her sister-in-law)"(35). This passage illustrates the hardships of the African American race through the character of Beneatha, portraying the inferiority of Beneatha through the name Beneatha. This passage is significant because it shows Beneatha as inferior before she can even show her personality, therefore identifies her as inferior. Since she is labeled as inferior, society treats her in a childlike manner and she does not receive the same general rights and treatment as other members of society.
When Beneatha enters the scene, she looks up at the ceiling, symbolizing her inferiority (46). Hansberry writes: “(Beneatha comes in brushing her hair and looking up to the ceiling, where the sound of a vacuum cleaner has started up)”(46). This passage depicts the general inferiority of Beneatha. This passage exhibits the fact that Beneatha is inferior to the rest of society. Although she is literally beneath the people on the floor above her, she is also figuratively below them. This passage is significant because it depicts the reality of the true superiority of society versus the character of...

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...even looking up) In your heart of hearts you are much drunkard.
BENEATHA: (To encourage WALTER, thoroughly caught uwith this side of him) OCOMOGOSAIY, FLAMING SPEAR!
RUTH: (Having had enough, and embarrassed for the family) Beneatha, you got company—what's the matter with you? Walter Lee Younger, get down off that table and stop acting like a fool.
RUTH: He's had a little to drink…I don't know that her excuse is.
GEORGE: Oh, don't be so proud of yourself, Bennie—just because you look eccentric.(78-80
In this passage, George tells Beneatha that she needs to stop being so obsessed with her heritage. This passage is significant because it illustrates Beneatha as a child by displaying her childlike obsession with her heritage. Beneatha is shown as being beneath other people and as a child through her fascination with her family origin.

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