The Inferior Status Of The Congo Essay

The Inferior Status Of The Congo Essay

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The inferior status that has been inherited by the women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has resulted in the objectification of them. Due to this lack of respect for women, during one of the deadliest wars since World War II, the Congolese civil war has brought about pain and suffering upon women and has stripped away their rights. A multiple award winning film, War Witch, displayed circumstances young girls have to live through and how those circumstances impact them. War witch was primarily filmed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and was centered on the Congolese civil war in Sub Sahara Africa. Komona a twelve year old girl is the protagonist of the film, the film begins with rebel fighters in makeshift boats coming on shore, they stormed through camp with assault rifles massacring villagers and abducting potential child soldiers. Upon being snatched a gun as well as an ultimatum is shoved at Komona. The choice between shooting her own parents, who stand before her huddled, or watch as the commander kills them with a machete which in turn would bring more pain and suffering on her parents had to be made. Consequently raising the gun up she ends her parent’s lives. After her capture her life is changed significantly; she becomes a child soldier, later named as the commanders Witch, falls in love and gets married, raped and impregnated, escapes a couple times and goes back to where everything changed to bury her deceased parents. War Witch is a brilliant film that helps capture how few rights women have regardless of their age. Through the forms of entertainment, information and education War Witch sheds light on many issues women face.
Throughout the film War Witch, sorrow, helplessness and distress are portrayed b...

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...nformation and education those viewing are able to understand and gain knowledge on the topic of women’s rights. Komona has undergone horrible situations and the emotions that the audience felt has made them understand not entirely what it means to be in that situation, but on some degree what it would be like if their world was flipped upside down like hers. The information provided throughout the film has educated the viewers in the circumstance female child soldiers face as well as the environment that they often have to try and survive in and as in some cases have to raise a child. The rights that have been stricken away from Komona due to her gender has impacted her detrimentally. Being a female automatically made you an object that can be picked up, played around with and abused at any moment. Some would say that being a female during those times was a burden.

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