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Essay about Infection

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Infection – Part 1
I lay on my side in slight pain. I rolled onto my top side, and opened my eyes. Everything was out of focus and a massive blur. Like an out of focus video camera. Within a few moments, everything comes into focus. It wasn’t like I was missing anything. Nearly the entire furnace room was as black as night, save for a flickering light bulb. Unaware of what was truly going on, I stumbled out of the furnace room. The house was silent. Confused, I hurried up the stairs into the kitchen. Everything was locked up. The blinds were shut. That didn’t make sense; it was only 1 PM according to my watch. I called out, hoping in vain for a response. Nothing but the whistle of air replied. Walking into the living room, I seized the television remote and turned on the TV. Almost immediately, I was greeted by the ear-piercing Emergency Alert System tones. Startled, I fell back onto the sofa. I wasn’t just startled because of the loud tones. A Contagious Disease Warning had been issued for all of North America. I listened in with curiosity.
“A Contagious Disease Warning has been issued for North America until further notice. An unidentified virus has rapidly spread throughout the continent, infecting tens of millions. The virus is believed to have originated in a Mexican prison, and it rapidly spread across the borders into the United States, Cuba, and other Latin American countries. The virus is capable of mutating humans into zombie-like creatures, which can display aggressive actions towards those that are non-infected-“
At that moment, the broadcast was consumed by a storm of static, before transitioning to the annoying test pattern. Goddamn, I hated that sound. I instinctively turned the volume all the way down. I checke...

... middle of paper ...

..., he turned into a zombie, and then I killed him.” I grimly replied.
“Holy shit, well listen carefully, the ferries to Vancouver and Port Angeles are non-operational, they’ve all been overrun by the Infected. Or at least that’s what I heard. The airports are shut; every flight in and out of the Americas has been grounded. Our only remaining option is the Helijet down by Ogden Point. Apparently a pilot is stranded there after running out of fuel. He’s holding out at the helipad with a handful of other survivors, but has no idea how long they can withstand the Infected. Siphon as much fuel as you can and haul your ass down to Ogden Point, you hear me?” Nick explained.
“Copy, I’m en route, ETA, hell knows when. Here’s to hoping we find a prophylactic solution to the infected…” I rose from my spot, reloaded my shotgun, and began the perilous journey. To Be Continued…

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