Essay on Infants and Toddlers Development

Essay on Infants and Toddlers Development

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Infants and toddlers have the fastest developmental rate when compared to the other categories of developmental stages, such as, preschooler, school age, teen, and so on. There are significant improvements in their physical, psychosocial and cognitive development within their first few years. First, their motor skills dramatically improve through the first few years. Second, their developmental milestone throughout the sensorimotor phase. Third, the health risks that is commonly associated with infants/toddlers.
Cognitive, languages, social and physical are three areas in which a child can develop. From the head to its toe, infants begin to develop. Infant interacts with human faces and voices to develop motor and other aspect of its growth. When an infant is assent in its social life activeness it can mean problems with hearing, seeing as well as physical movement.
Babies should be able to understand adult speaking and are able to after speak it but it cannot be told what to speak or hear. Crying is an important way of communication for infants. Infants have different styles of crying, and many mothers are able to differentiate what each cry indicates (UMM, 2013). Cognitive aspect
Motor skills are an important developmental aspect as an infant/toddler grows. First, infants display many types of reflex action within the first few months following birth. Second, they become more active/mobile at approximately six to nine month. Third, at around nine months infants can balance better, while some are already walking.
First, infants reflexes are also called primitive reflexes. There are many types of reflexes, such as, Babinski, moro, palmar hand grasp, placing, plantar, rooting and sucking, stepping and walking, and tonic neck res...

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... issue surrounding infants. Child abuse can be physical, psychological, or sexual. Physical abuse typically happens at moments of great stress. The major risk factors for child abuse includes: domestic violence, alcoholism, poor education, being a single parent, and drug abuse (Medline Plus, 2014). Black eye, broken bone that are unusual, chokes mark around neck, marks around wrist, human bite marks, lash marks, unexplained unconsciousness in infants, burn mark can all be signs of abuse.
Infants/Toddlers go through various developmental stages faster than other age group. Physical, psychosocial, and cognitive development are significantly noticeable as they continue to grow. First, their motor skills improve dramatically. Second, the changes that takes place as they experience the sensorimotor phase. Third, the major health concerns surrounding infants/toddlers.

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