The Infant / Toddler Program Essay

The Infant / Toddler Program Essay

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There are many things to look for in an infant/toddler program. Being able to understand the child’s needs is what makes a great program for an infant or toddler. The five most important components when looking for a program are: the safety for the children, the environment around the whole facility, the staff’s qualifications, the teacher to child ratio, and the program’s curriculum. Programs with staff that are caring is also very important to the young children. These are important because these components will help the child to become more independent and aware as he or she grows older in the program.
The first requirement for a good program for young children and any other children are the safety provided for them. Children should feel safe in their surroundings in the program that they will enter. Parents should always ask and know the safety precautions each program serves. Knowing the precaution the program does to visitors, drop off and pick ups, and around the whole facility is important. A good program should have a policy for visitors. It is also important to know that the program has a good policy for children’s drop off and pick up. To assure a secure facility to the safety of the children a program should not only be safe for them but for the whole environment.
The environment of the children is another important aspect to look for in a program. The area that the children will be spending most of their time in should not be too overwhelming. This means that the area should be a calming and enjoyable place for the child. An infant and toddler program should have adequate space for a toddler to be able to explore around his or her surroundings. With a safe, child accessible environment the child should be allowed t...

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...s or her arms and legs; when a child is playing with bubbles when he or she will chase or want to touch the bubble he or she is using her gross motor skills. These are appropriate activities that can be done without any specific curriculum needed.
A facility that provides appropriate activities to your infant and toddler is what a good program should have. A good program for infant and toddler needs to be able to safely care for each child in its facility. The environment of the program should calm a child and feel inviting to him or her. A well educated staff is a necessity to a good infant and toddler program along with a small teacher to child ratio. Another important aspect for a good program is a curriculum that is play based to enhance a child’s development. For a program to be a good program for young children all of these five components are very important.

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