The Infant Of A Drug Dependent Mother Essay

The Infant Of A Drug Dependent Mother Essay

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The infant of a drug dependent mother be merely a day old, but already 9 months an addict. The lucky few will only have to experience excruciating diarrhea, vomiting, constant high pitched crying, tremors, and violent convulsions for a couple of months without any hope of consolation until they are no longer dependent on drugs. The others will have to live with the repercussions of their mother’s substance abuse for the rest of their lives as they will face facial and limb malformations, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, and congenital heart defects (Stern, 2013.) Project Prevention is a nonprofit organization which aims to end this issue by paying drug addicts to use long term contraceptives or, if they choose, sterilization. Due to its controversial nature, critics all over the world are attempting to shut this organization down claiming that it exploits women at a vulnerable point in their life. Regardless, Project Prevention should continue advocating for infants with drug dependencies due to the fact that it is optional and lenient, cost effective, and beneficial to the children that will not have to be raised in an environment where they are not likely to thrive or break the addiction cycle.
The opposition often argues that the program targets minorities and is racist because Barbara Harris, the founder and main activist of the program, approaches underprivileged African Americans and Hispanics more than any minority and coerces them to participate in this program, but according to the program’s statistics, the majority of the women helped by this program are Anglo American (“Statistics,” 2014). The program has often been compared to the Nazis ' program of eugenics, which led to the extermination of multiple subgroup...

... middle of paper ..., is not much better. Although the children are essentially given everything they need to survive, they often suffer with behavior and psychological issues; those with learning disabilities suffer the most. Children with these issues are rarely adopted and most likely will not get the opportunity to develop in a nourishing environment where they can flourish into successful and productive members of society. Apart from aiming to reduce the amount of children born with disabilities, this program aims to stop the cycle of parents passing on their addiction to their children. It is their firm belief that nobody holds the right to force their addiction onto another human being. It is no secret that children take after their parents and make their decisions based on what they are taught. Ultimately, this program benefits the children just as much as it benefits society.

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