Infant Mortality Rate Is A Measurement Of People 's Life Quality Essay

Infant Mortality Rate Is A Measurement Of People 's Life Quality Essay

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Another very important measurement of people’s life quality is infant mortality rate(IMR). Infant mortality rate is a measurement that not only represents a nation’s economic development level, resident healthy level, but also has a big impact on people’s life quality. Factors that influence infant mortality rate include healthcare spending levels, birth defects, preterm birth, maternal complications of pregnancy, sudden infant death syndrome and injuries. (CDC 2016). Wealthy nations have lower infant mortality rate than backwards countries. Japan, Finland and Sweden have infant mortality rate at 2.2, 2.5 and 2.6 respectably, while Nigeria, Pakistan and India have 75.5, 59.4, 44.6 respectably. Which means a baby born in Nigeria is nearly 34 times as likely to die during his/her first year of life as one born in Japan. Infant mortality rate is closely associated with people’s life quality and happiness. This study may provide government with valuable information to pay more attention on healthcare or put other programs in place in order to help decrease infant mortality rate, therefore, increase people’s life quality ultimately.
Based on Maslow 's Hierarchy of Needs described above, safety is also an important element of the basic foundation need to be satisfied prior to consider about quality life. This study used two measurements related to safety level are political stability rating and risk of armed conflict. Same as the health body is very important foundation to human life, political stability is first step of any other things. A stability political environment is necessary prior to country’s development. It is hard to focus on contribution without a stable political environment. Furthermore, a lower political stability rati...

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...tandard of Gini coefficient cordon is 0.4, which is not fit in China. Based on his calculation, he thinks 4.949 is a better cordon of Gini coefficient in China. At the same time, studies in Yue, Li and Gao in 2013 performed a study about the Gini coefficient calculation for China. This study examines existing different calculations of Gini coefficients: NBS household survey, CHIP survey, CHFS of SWUFE and CFPS of Peking University. In addition the study assesses these household surveys themselves, and draw a conclusion that the current Gini coefficient in China is between 0.47 and 0.52.
A middle east study by Alavijeh, N. K. and Jalaee, S. A. performed in 2016 looks at the effects Gini coefficient has on income strata and financial depth in Iran. The authors found the positive relationship between Gini coefficient in each income stratum and financial depth in Iran.

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