Infant Mortality Rate Is A Global Dilemma Essay

Infant Mortality Rate Is A Global Dilemma Essay

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High infant mortality rate is a global dilemma, but with ongoing research and medical discoveries, high infant mortality rates may lower or completely diminish. There are several causes of infant mortality such as: hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, respiratory failure and traumatic stress. Several technologies have been developed to reduce the infant mortality rate. The artificial placenta, hypothermia therapy, stress therapy are technologies/techniques that may help alleviate the infant mortality rate. Case studies have been performed to further explore the impact that these medical breakthroughs may have on the infant mortality rate on a global scale. Research performed by Duke University, McMaster University, and Stanford University has also made a positive impact in regards to high infant mortality rates. With the efforts of hard working scientists, medical breakthroughs will decrease or completely eliminate the infant mortality rate. Infant mortality rate is the death of a child under one year of age. Causes are birth defects, maternal complications of pregnancy, preterm birth, sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS, and injuries. The infant mortality rate varies from country to country. Ten countries with the highest global infant mortality rates (in decreasing order) are: Sierra Leone, Angola, Central African Republic, Somalia, Chad, Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Nigeria and Lesotho. Ten countries with the lowest global infant mortality rates (in decreasing order) are: Andorra, Hong Kong SAR, China, Finland, Iceland, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Singapore, Slovenia, and Sweden. There are many factors that correlate with the infant mortality rate of a certain country such as infrastructure, availability of healthcare, transp...

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...y revealed that RVC was less sensitive than SVC and the potential for SVC to fail backs the use of several modes of testing to further optimize the detection of positive cases of CMV. In conclusion, the infant mortality rates vary globally, but there are several solutions to decrease high rates of infant death. Scientists are vigorously working the increase infant vitality and continue to allow the population of the human race to thrive. Some solutions such as improved country infrastructure, transportation and better equipped health care facilities may decrease the infant mortality rates. Technology like the artificial placenta combined with therapy such as hypothermia and stress therapy will further reduce infant mortality rates. Advancements have been made but there is still room for further development to attempt to diminish infant mortality in its totality.

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