Infant Mortality in the Philippine Healthcare System Essays

Infant Mortality in the Philippine Healthcare System Essays

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Health is a fundamental human right. A person’s employment, social or income status should not be the binding force in order to receive average healthcare at a relative cost. Unlike the United States, the Philippines is consumed by a majority of its people’s poverty. Especially in rural regions of the country, this poverty epidemic has led to malnutrition, homelessness and disease. Subsequently, when healthcare is needed, these individuals do not have the means or finances to seek assistance. This cycle of disparity has not only led to the loss of a person’s basic human right, but has also affected the livelihood of their children. This paper specifically outlines infant mortality rates in the Philippines, the populations at risk, risk factors surrounding this disparity, provider and nursing roles related to the Philippines healthcare delivery system, as well as strategies to help combat this disparity.
In the Philippines, based on the World Bank vital registration data, there were thirty infant deaths per one thousand live births. To further demonstrate this problem, the World Bank reports the United States as having only six infant deaths per one thousand live births (World Bank, 1995). After analyzing the data on over fifty countries listed on the World Bank Data Registration, it is evident that this is a global healthcare issue. On a macro-social level, it is apparent that the majority of countries with high rates of infant mortality shared similar characteristics such as small size, lack of governance and third world country ranking. In contrast, on a micro-social level, many socioeconomic factors have a significant impact on the capacity of individuals and families to satisfy their health needs. Poverty is one of the l...

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