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Ines in the Kitchen Essay

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In the short story “Ines in the Kitchen,” Cristina Garcia narrates the life of Ines who seems to be in conflict with herself. As the protagonist, Ines is confused about her emotions and the decisions that have to be made. Therefore, she struggles with her life, her relationship with her husband, and her memories of the past which haunt her. Only Ines can really understand what she goes through every day that passes by.(give examples) However, on the other hand, her husband, Richard, is a man who likes to have specific guidelines for his woman and cares about his appearance.
A conflict that arises in the beginning of the story is the controlling of her husband Richard towards her. Ines feels trapped and imprisoned in the providing for the specific needs for Richard. She lives in his world where rules and regulations are to be expected of her. In the beginning of the story Garcia introduces the thoughts of Ines towards her husband stating “When her husband returns home he'll expect her trussed up in a silk dress and pearls and wearing make-up and high heels.” Ines is in a conf...

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