The Inequality Of The Jersey City Essay

The Inequality Of The Jersey City Essay

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Inequality is inevitable. Over these past few months, we have been circled by medias input on discrimination and seen injustice play out throughout the world. This was all looked upon through a large scale, but how unfair or unequal are things on a smaller one? Jersey City is one of the most diverse cities and is divided into smaller and easily accessible sections and so I decided it would be the best place to observe the realities around me. Since the concept of inequality is existent, I decided to try to find where it was located in Jersey City.
Jersey City is divided into several sections: Heights, Downtown, Journal Square, McGinley Square, Westside, Bergen/ Lafayette, and Greenville. The major races in these areas also differ greatly throughout. Starting with the Heights and Downtown, the white population is highest. Journal Square has many Indians while McGinley Square holds mostly Middle Easterns. As you go to lower Jersey City, (Westside, Greenville, and Bergen/ Lafayette) Blacks, African Americans, and Hispanics are predominant. The Heights is closer to transportation and connection to New York and therefore has been recently gentrifying (
To try to understand Jersey City on a deeper level, I spoke with several people (commuters and residents) to see what they think. The three commuters I met rode on Gate 51 which connects from Manhattan and runs from Jersey City Heights to Journal Square. All of them either work or go to school in New York and live in Jersey City because it is “more affordable”. Their responses all sounded the same and they each got off at stops in the Heights. One of them, Ryan, said “there is a strong sense of equality in Jersey city. Everyone is diverse and accepting. Here everyone’s...

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...nths. When they found the crimes running back up in higher numbers, they just backed out since their patrolling didn’t matter. Once the people and the neighborhood are considered run down or “broken”, they’ll always be seen as something that can’t be fixed. In addition, they’re absolutely no eyes on the streets which is exactly what Jacobs would’ve turned away from. The streets aren’t safe, no one’s looking after all neighborhood kids or the belongings that keep getting robbed or stolen consistently. There’s also nothing keeping the teens safe anymore, not even a sports team near them or just any activity to keep give them somewhere to go or look forward to. There is nothing about lower Jersey City that makes it even close to equal to upper Jersey City. From education to opportunities and every other aspect, inequality is clearly evident in Westside and Greenville.

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