The Inequality Of The Division Of Labor Essay

The Inequality Of The Division Of Labor Essay

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The Inequality of the Division of Labor: An Analysis of the Devaluation of Mothering in the Separation of Private and Public Spheres in a Patriarchal/Capitalist American Society

This feminist study will define inequality of the division of labor in Sharon Hays’ article on the separation of the private and public sphere in terms of mothering, gender roles, and business culture in patriarchal capitalist society. In Hays’ article, “Why Can 't a Mother Be More Like a Businessman?” she defines the dual role of mothering in the “private” sphere of the home, as well as being a businesswoman in the “public” culture of a patriarchal capitalist American society. The example of a woman named Rachel provides insight into the lack of respect for the mother’s right to a nurturer (as a "second shift" job in the home) by primarily male/patriarchal bosses that view mothering as a barrier to business culture. This argument presents compelling facts about the extreme duress and societal pressure of women to behave more like a “businessman”, because males are typically not involved in the nurturing process at home. This leads to a patriarchal rejection of the economic value of dual role that women ( as mothers and business women) have to endure as a rejection of the “values of economic and political life. In this manner, I agree with Hays’ view of the lack of respect for women in the business world, which neglects to honor their dual role as a mother in the patriarchal business community. In essence, a feminist and cultural analysis of the dual role of mothering in the private and public spheres will support Hays’ contention that women are being economically devalued in the patriarchal/capitalist culture of American society.
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...luation in the public role as a professional business person. This is a crucial issue in the material evaluation of job status and performance criterion, which is incredibly analytical in terms of financial and profit-based system in the public sphere. However, the role of mothering does not immediately reveal the underlying economic and profit-based rewards that Hays’ defines as the “elicit rejection of economic and political life.” In this way, the value of being a mother needs to be evaluated in terms of the capitalist mentality of the patriarchal business world in order for the mother tor realize her own value as a worker. Once again, the failure to link the differing aspects of time, labor, and the importance of family unit for the female worker is often ignored or devalued by patriarchal forces in the profit-driven perceptions of a capitalist business culture.

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