The Inequality Of Social Mobility Essay example

The Inequality Of Social Mobility Essay example

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Social mobility is one of the most important underpinnings throughout the United States (Brenman 2011). While transportation may be perceived as simply transporting individuals from point A to point B, social mobility has a much greater purpose. Transportation builds community, creates opportunity, and forms the social status and social class between individuals and their community. Social class is a reflection of inequality of social mobility which forms divisions between citizens across America as well as in our hometown. Grand Rapids, Michigan contributes to the inequality of social mobility through social stratification, the promotion of conspicuous consumption and the overall safety of transportation. Inequality in transportation forms inadequate and unequal social mobility which hinders the advancement of the lower-class – giving the higher-class an added advantage.
Grand Rapids, Michigan offers their citizens the ability to use many types of transportation methods. These methods include but are not limited to cars, buses, taxis, trains, bikes and walking. While all these options of transportation are offered, not all citizens have the financial means to use them. Social stratification is a large factor in determining the modes of transportation each citizen can use and how this transportation will affect their social mobility. Social stratification focuses not only with a person’s financial income but also with their wealth and their social status. It is through social stratification that transportation inequality is formed.
Transportation is considered to be a material culture because the physical structures of transportation can be owned and worshipped by individuals (Introduction to Sociology 2e 2015:53). I...

... middle of paper ... have found themselves stuck in a cycle of poverty (Ehrenreich 2012). While the Rapid strives to provide safe and easy transportation for their riders, this does not always happen. Some might perceive transportation as merely a way to transport an individual from point A to point B but in fact, there is so much more that transportation can offer an individual. And unfortunately, there are many individuals in our city of Grand Rapids who are stuck in a poverty cycle due to the lack of transportation. Citizens who use public transportation, such as the Rapid busing system, for their means of transportation, have inequality of social mobility because their social lives and activities must revolve around what is accessible by walking or public transportation. This inequality can hinder the individuals’ daily activities, their social class and their social status.

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