Essay on The Inequality Of African Americans

Essay on The Inequality Of African Americans

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Since the beginning of slavery, African Americans have been held at a lower standard for education. American government prohibited African Americans from learning how to read, developing inequality in education and further success. White supremacists’ intentions were to allow White Americans to continue to prosper further and create barriers to prevent African Americans from succeeding. An academic journalist, Nathaniel Jackson, employed the words of John Ogbu of the University of Berkley, “…the monopolization of resources for academic enterprise (colleges, universities, foundation, and government funding agency review boards, journals, and other publishing put-lets) by the dominant group and the provisions of only limited and controlled access to these resources to the subordinate minority (Jackson 59). The inequality in education is driven by the difference in learning facilities, working professionals, and educational tools. By not providing equal tools to both African Americans and White Americans, White Americans are exposed to more difficult learning, receive more educational assistance, and are given better content allowed for students to learn effectively and sufficiently.
During the mid-1900s, society began develop the idea “The line between colored and nigger was not always clear; subtle and telltale signs threatened erode it…they were easily identifiable. Colored people were neat and quiet, niggers were dirty and loud” (Morrison 189). A character in the novel named Geraldine, a fare skinned African American women, married, one child, lives in a nice home with a cat, symbolizes the division of African American within their own culture. The ability to get an education made or broke an African American’s stance in societ...

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...s. Upper class citizens held significance in the political and economic affairs of a civilization, common civilians and then slaves made up the largest, but less powerful social class in an empire. When America used part of Roman law to form their own legal system, America also adopted Roman’s social division and conformed to the social segregation of people. White Americans always held more power than African Americans since slavery. White Americans had used tactics of fearful branding and brainwashing to make slaves dependent on White supremacists and thus hardly unlikely to revolt and gain power.
America’s society has allowed social status to be in direct correlation to how you look. Morrison writes “This disrupter of seasons was a new girl in school named Maureen Peal. A high-yellow dream child with long brown hair braided into two lynch ropes that hung down her

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