The Inequality Difference Between Females and Males Should Be Erradicated

The Inequality Difference Between Females and Males Should Be Erradicated

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Without women, the eradication and extinction of our entire race would be inevitable. Women carry our children for nine painful excruciating months to ensure the survival of the human race. Yes, women have been helping the world since the beginning of time; but are we really repaying them for all they do? Women make up an overwhelming 46 percent of today’s workforce, but are they treated identically to their male cohorts (English)? Unfortunately, even though women do so much for our species and the world as a whole, they are still not treated the same or seen as being on the same level as their masculine counterparts because they are identified as a threat. It is a sad fact indeed that we will forever be in the debt of women, but we aren’t doing anything to fulfill that debt.
The inequality difference between females and males is most evidently present in today’s workforce. By calculating the earnings of men and women who are directly associated with the workforce, it was shown that women only make 69.6 cents of each male dollar earned (English). This in turn causes a higher range of women to make a yearly salary less than $15,000, but only 1.3 percent of men manage to flop into this category (English). To make the difference between females and males even more stark, the average yearly salary of all working Americans was shown to be anywhere from $25,000 to $49,999. This range is seen as the very top for women; only 9.6 percent of women garner more than $50,000 a year. In contrast 44.5 percent of men work to collect more than $50,000 a year (English). The range of men that is considered to be the lowest of the low, peons even; is virtually the top of women. The principles of this world believe a woman’s labor is less valuable th...

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...where near the level as men is unacceptable. Our nation has risen over many struggles over the long years such as slavery. Yet, after accomplishing such a feat, we somehow find another group to treat terribly. The fact that women are mistreated is ridiculous and disgraceful. Women are in control of our entire existence. If all women decided to band together and stop having children, it would surely be the end of the human race. By the way women are treated, it’s surprising at the least that this has not yet come to be. How can we treat the very beings that keep us alive and well the way we do? Things have to change in the near future if we expect to grow, thrive, and survive. It’s about time we stood up for the female gender. Challenge the world. Go out and petition for women’s rights. Show everyone that we actually care about the sole providers of the human race.

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