Essay about Inequality Between Women And Women

Essay about Inequality Between Women And Women

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Inequality for Woman

In comparison to the time when women were still fighting for the right to vote, it would seem that women today are the legal equals of men. However, there are subtle tendencies in our societies ideology to portray women as inferior. Woman are just as capable of doing the things that men do. Unfortunately, some people still believe that men still have dominance and are more capable than that. Which is in fact false, woman are able to do things equally to the way men do things. Woman are considered to be inferior to men because of the dominance males had over woman in the past.
In history, men were always dominant. Men were the leaders of the household, they were the ones who went to war, they voted. While the woman were housewives, they took care of the children, did laundry, cleaned the house, made dinner all while the men was at work. Woman were also not allowed to vote. In 1840, woman rallied together to position the legal rights for woman to vote. In 1869 there were two different woman suffrage movements. One group was led by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the other group was led by Lucy Stone. Years after a rivalry that went on between both groups, they were finally merged creating one organization called National American Woman Suffrage Association led by Susan B. Anthony. The law was passed for woman to vote in 1920. Woman being allowed to vote was a huge turning in United States history. Woman in the United States do have the right to vote but are they being treated equally? Would you say a man is treated better than a woman today in the United States? I think that although sexism is subtle, it is still everywhere. Woman in work places, in households, and even athletics. We are stil...

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...e to be treated equally to men. Thankfully woman have made progress in their fight for equality and I personally am lucky to have never been wrongly treated because of my sex. But that doesn’t mean that this is not a problem in society today. Woman every day are undermined because they are woman and that is where the line is drawn. I think that because of the past and because women were inferior in the past the sexism is still around today. If Susan B. Anthony was still alive today, I think that she would be proud of the progress that America has made but would also be disappointed in how equality for woman is still needed. Lastly I think that men and woman should be treated as equals, forgetting the past and changing the future both men and woman have the power to impact the world today. Nothing should limit a person because of their sex identification.

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Essay about Inequality Between Women And Women

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