The Inequality And Discrimination Of Women Essay

The Inequality And Discrimination Of Women Essay

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GAP. To some, this is just a department store with a variety of sensible clothing. However, for most, that word describes the pay inequality and discrimination they receive from their places of employment. In America, females make only 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes. With today’s inflation and high taxes, woman simply remain unable to move up in the economical world. For instance, males perceive females in such a way that they would withhold a job, just to give it to a male with equal or lesser qualifications. Furthermore, employers believe that females need to take a great deal of time off for family responsibilities. Not to mention, media shows women in a negative way, and causes society to believe women are incompetent, which affects the hiring process. Considering this, they receive lower salaries than men, which creates the pay gap. The policies currently in place attempting to create equality are unsatisfactory in closing gap. In addition, women are more likely to take part-time jobs, which increases the separation, and creates problems with their domestic responsibilities. As a consequence, occupations are labeled as being “men’s work” or “women’s work” based on previous work and education history. Discrimination is not something that can be brushed under the rug and ignored. For this reason, in order to eliminate gender discrimination in the workplace, employers in the United States must mandate equal salaries, opportunities, and employment for both men and women.
Regardless of the qualifications, such as work history, skills, or education, women receive less pay. Previous education, being college and Masters degrees, leads employers to believe that females are unqualified compared to their male counterparts...

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...n certain fields, but are still making less than the average man. They need to be encouraged and feel confident in the work that they do, not underestimate their own capabilities. Discouragement from work, makes life much more difficult for single mothers, because they tackle so many tasks as is. When salaries and benefits are equalized between genders, the amount of tension decreases, the economy increases, and the poverty rate decreases. When employees receive benefits, the employers benefit as well, because they gain long lasting employees. Feminism has gained a negative connotation for being “man-hating”, but feminists just want equality. Female empowerment and equality can change the course of history. The law has strived to keep women from reaching their truest potential, but in doing so fail to recognize the injustice of traditional ideology in the workplace.

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