The Inequalities Between Male And Female Athletes Essay

The Inequalities Between Male And Female Athletes Essay

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Women have had to fight for numerous rights over the course of history. From the right to vote, to equal pay, and even the chance at equal athletic opportunities. The inequalities between male and female athletes, professional or not, has been a major source of controversy for some time now. Throughout the history of athletics women have experienced struggles in getting equal opportunities to participate, being overshadowed by their male counterparts, shocking pay gaps between male and female athletes, etc. The question is, why do female athletes quarrel with so many inequalities in the sports world?
Women have persevered through quite a bit of discrimination in the world of sports. Unfortunately, most of this discrimination stems from stereotypical ideas and assumptions. Assumptions that women cannot do what men do, that women are not as athletic as men, that women’s sports are not as exciting as men’s sports and therefore not worth watching. However, these stereotypes arose from both facts and social constructs.
For as long as humans have been on Earth the males have been set as the aggressors, the leaders, and the “bread winners”. These social constructs translate directly to sports. The heart of all sports is the love of competition. Typically, men are thought of as more competitive than women. Therefore, it was much easier to establish sports opportunities and programs for men to fill their need for competition and their need to one-up each other.
Another stereotype that has been formed is that men are more athletic than women. However, this statement is true to an extent. It is a fact that men are physically stronger, faster, and would win in almost every physical test. I am not saying that every man is more...

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...letes are earning so a salary cap for players would not only even out the pay between male and female athletes but also bring the excess money male athletes make back to the organizations.
Women have had to compete for equality in several aspects of life and just one of those is equality in the sports world. From ridiculous pay gaps to lack of publicity, female athletes have not received the credit they are due. These talented women have put in just as much work to reach the pinnacle of their respective sport as the men of the same sport have. Except the male athletes have not had to overcome social constructs that tell women their sports are inferior to that of their male counterparts. Efforts have been made to reach equality but there is still plenty of work left to do. Female athletes will continue to compete for their championships and for their equality.

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