The Ineffective Priory Food Program Essay

The Ineffective Priory Food Program Essay

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Students have complained for years that the food at Priory was unhealthy and unappetizing. Even after the administration claimed that the school improved the meals, the quality worsened. Every day, a new concoction emerged from the Priory kitchen, only to disappoint hungry students and faculty. These concoctions included greasy pizza, Caesar wraps with a red sauce that seemed to have something swimming in it, and various types of Mexican food. Nonetheless, half of the students ran for the salad bar, not even bothering to look into the kitchen. The rest just waited in line and came face to face with the unpalatable and abnormal hot food. Every day, the pleasant Juliana served the food in her blue apron. She cheerfully placed the current day’s meal onto the students’ plates with a broad smile across her face, but her expression did not match the quality of the meal. Usually, students came face to face with food filled with grease and cheese, which led some students to skip lunch. Many of them even dumped their plates without bothering to taste the food. The meal program has to change and become healthier and more appealing.
Priory food has changed over a period of four years. In sixth grade, hot food was the best part of my meal. Appetizing tortellini and ravioli was cooked fresh on Mondays with a warm white sauce that melted in my mouth. Healthy, tender beef and chicken was grilled on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and breakfast-for-lunch was cooked on Fridays. On Fridays, the delicious smell of warm scrambled eggs tempted students’ taste buds as they walked up the Priory staircase. Students and teachers were well fed and fueled for their afternoon classes. Most importantly, the available hot meals were healthy and appetizing. In eighth...

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...t beef, teachers watch as students struggle to cut the brown meat. Liz Oliphant, grade 9, described, “Every time we have roast beef, I try to cut it with my knife and I can never [cut it]. It’s like trying to cut into a piece of leather.” How are Priory students supposed to eat meat that they cannot cut? The beef even tastes like leather. In addition to unhealthy meals, unappetizing foods have to be replaced in the Priory nutritional program.
Vegetables, fish, and fresh beef should replace pizza and nachos. Furthermore, these foods have to be prepared in a way that makes them appetizing to students. Moreover, the Priory could change its lunch program by using fresh ingredients from local farms. These ingredients would be cheaper, sustainable, and healthier. If the school takes away the temptation of fatty foods, students will automatically begin to eat healthier.

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