The Industry of Telecommunications and Wireless-Communication Essay

The Industry of Telecommunications and Wireless-Communication Essay

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A brief introduction
The topic to be discussed in further detail throughout the rest of this paper will be the industry of Telecommunications and Wireless-communication oriented consumer electronics. With the assistance of professional research sources as well as business news articles and speculation, I will attempt to analyze and describe the recent and current market, as well as list strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In a narrower scope, the entirety of the chosen industry will be shaved down to one chosen firm (Verizon Wireless) to be examined, with relevant information compiled and extrapolated to apply to the long-run forecast of the company. The firm itself will also be examined with the goal of accurately gauging strengths and weaknesses, analyzing the international performance of the firm, and deciding marketing recommendations to help the firm succeed in the future.
A Discussion and Analysis of the Industry
a. MY analysis of the scope and segments of the industry
The scope of an industry relates to the areas within which the industry exercises its power. In other words, it relates to the product lines that are offered. In the industry of wireless communication, the scope is extremely broad, so for the sake of brevity I will be focusing solely on the market of single user cellular phones. In the market now, there are three major categories of cellular device that range from basic cell phones, to cell radio equipped tablets and laptops, to smartphones which encompass aspects common to both as well as some things all their own. In addition to these categories, there are also the categories that exist within that are arguably just as important as the ones listed above. These categories refer to the type o...

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...line-access charges, rather than just discounting it slightly, for all phones purchased on their Edge plan. This would make the plan seem more attractive to customers as well as investors.
A brief conclusion
As it turns out, especially in a field as competitive as the wireless telecommunications market, it does not always do to simply have the arguably best available service combined with an equally great display of products available for sale. Even though Verizon trumpets that it has the widest available coverage of any 4g network available today and yet the growth of “lesser” companies such as AT&T manage to outdo them. Whether this is simply due to consumer preference, or to the high prices Verizon charges has yet to be seen, and perhaps if Verizon sticks to their guns will never be known. It is simply not within the realm of predictability to know for certain.

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