Industrialization Effects On Working Conditions Essays

Industrialization Effects On Working Conditions Essays

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Industrialization Effects on Working Conditions
Europe’s industrial advancements emphasized on production rather than the treatment of industrial workers. This included intolerable hours, poor working conditions, and living conditions for families (The Social Question in Coffin, 465). The intolerable conditions of industrialization in the 19th century was referred to as the social question, which pertained to socialist thinkers. Thinkers of the industrial revolution, Robert Owen and Flora Tristan realized the problems of industrial advancement and argued a solution to address them. Owen was a socialist, who created a Utopian Society for his workers because he felt that the workers negative behaviors reflected from their poor surrounding environments. Flora Tristan was a French socialist writer and feminist who argued that the unfair treatment of women lead to the corrupt treatment of the condition of workers, because women influenced the function of a household. Socialist thinkers Owen author of A New View of Society and Tristan author of “Workers Your Condition… is Miserable and Distressing,” observed the poor conditions of industrialization during the 19th century and determined theories explained by the social question. The solutions proposed were focused on the family unit’s impact on workers, each thinker’s plan of action intended to address the social question, and how these theories were thought to improve the quality of life through agency in their documents.
Owen and Tristan argued that the poor working class family unit’s dysfunctionality impacted adults, which later affected their children. They claimed that the poor conditions of the social question related to gender roles within a household. Owen observed bad ha...

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.... Owen and Tristan provided agency within their solutions in order to benefit the conditions of workers and problems underlined by the social question.
Poor working and living conditions were only a few major concerns in the duration of the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Concerns were addressed by socialist thinkers Owen in his document A New View of Society and Tristan author of “Workers Your Condition… is Miserable and Distressing,” who observed the negative impact the industrial revolution had on the workers. Therefore Owen and Tristan proposed solutions to alleviating these concerns of industrialization through observing the family units impacts, providing a solution to problem of society, and providing agency to better the lives of the workers of society. Owen and Tristan addressed the major concerns of society caused by the industrial revolution.

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