Industrialization During The 19th Century Essay

Industrialization During The 19th Century Essay

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In the 18th century the normal practices of transportation agriculture, manufacturing and trade changed because of the new innovations and developments of the industrialization which was a development phase of new mechanical technologies and science. This took place between the late 18th and 19th centuries in most of the western world, like in United Kingdom and other parts of Europe and America. These parts faced huge socio-economic changes because of industrial revolution, the practices which were done by human and animal before now shifted to mechanized labour. The need for exporting and importing generated the need for development of roads, canals and rails. The introduction to steam engine made the social practices change drastically as there was a great transformation to the natural, agricultural, commercial and technological approach. The upper segment and the business class of the society became rich and the labour class became poorer and there was a more employment but gradually the labourers became slaves and went through horrifying living conditions because of the economic shift ( staff, 2009). Hence the lower segment of people started considering that industrialization is inhuman and started protesting. It was concluded that though industrialization developed huge technology in west, it had caused very low standard of living for the labourers in industrialised countries, there was urbanization through industrial revolution and population growth.
A romantic movement started developing in United Kingdom, against inhuman industrialization effects, English intellectuals and poets considered industrialization as very inhuman act and thus in 19th century there was environmental movement, and a huge spread of the ...

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...about his own needs (Ladd et al., 2010).
From Europe to America and from Wordsworth to Thoreau the romanticism grew as a revolution in all the fields of arts, literature and grew further as against the knowledgeable world and against the technological impact of the west world and its boundaries can’t be defined. As earlier in this essay it’s discussed that it was the first ecological impulse or initial concerns shown to protect nature against the industrial development. Hence in my opinion “To let nature be in its own colours and we should not interfere in the laws of nature, human are the part of nature and they should not exploit the nature for their own welfare or development”. This was the first notion in history of environment. “The modern environment movement”. Where a group of people showed concerns about saving the nature and let nature and man grow together.

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