Industrialization During The Industrial Revolution Essay

Industrialization During The Industrial Revolution Essay

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When discussing industrialization much of what is discussed occurs during the industrial revolution. Unlike other revolutions which mostly impacted borders, territorial expansions, change in political regimes, etc., the Industrial revolution was change of a different sort. Occurring mostly within America and Europe, the Industrial Revolution impacted society as a whole by introducing innovations which impact the way one generally lives on a day-to-day basis. New machinery, methods, and techniques of producing goods such as the way clothes are made, or the way waste is produced changed the way society functioned. Overall, the Industrial Revolution improved quality of life. Initially, however such rapid change also caused human suffering of a different sort. For example, unhealthy working conditions, water, air & noise pollution and the exploitation of child labor were all new issues which had to be dealt with. Furthermore, tensions within societal classes arose, mainly between the working class and the middle class.
Life in the cities:
Before the advent of industrial revolution most people lived in the country. Nearly 80 % of the world 's population lived in rural societies and farmed for a living. After the industrial revolution people began moving to cities for the new jobs available in factories. As a result, today in the United States less than 1% of the population makes a living off of farming. Initially, because of new machines and tools factory construction dramatically increased leading the rapid production of goods. Seeking job opportunities and improved quality of life, rural families all over the country migrated to urban areas. And as a result, the Government allowed the expansion of railroads which led to the progress...

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...nsitional period of the industrial revolution maybe considered a stain in human history in both positive and negative ways. While it may be praised for introducing the concept of machines manufacturing and producing goods in lieu of human labor, construction of factories and industrial complexes, creation of new job opportunities which never existed before, and new advances in technology. History can never forget the flip-side of the coin: lengthy working hours, low wages, unsafe & hazardous working conditions, and the exploitation of child labor. The fact that industrialization has a major part in environmental pollution and permanent damage to the ecosystem cannot be ignored. Gender roles were directly impacted as well. Women who once played a central role in the house, now became an active part of the working class paving the way for gender equality laws of today.

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