Essay on Industrialising Less Developed Countries

Essay on Industrialising Less Developed Countries

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This essay intends to address the argument that Less Developed Countries (LDCs) cannot achieve the level of development of the Developed Countries (DCs) unless they undergo a process of industrialisation. In proposing a case in favour of this argument the industrialisation experiences of the Latin American and Asian regions will be investigated, with specific regard to the role of state intervention throughout this process. Conclusions will be drawn from these cases, specifically that through the process of industrialisation LDCs can achieve the levels of development of the DCs and this inference will be supported through the analysis of Human Development Index (HDI) rankings and scores for 2010.
The focus of this essay will be on the experience of industrialisation for three Less Developed Countries (LDCs). Within the Latin American region Brazil and Chile will be examined, as well as a brief section focusing on South Korea in which similarities between the Brazilian and South Korean experiences will be drawn with regard to the role of state intervention. The LDC category as specified by the United Nations Committee for Policy development “comprises low income developing countries which face severe structural impediments to growth. Indicators of such impediments are the high vulnerability of the countries’ economies and their low level of human capital” (Committee for Development Policy and United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs 2008, p.1). An appreciation, however, of the historical context of LDCs particularly with regard to the history of capitalist expansion will enable further distinctions to be drawn between the developed world and the developing world. For example, the European expansion of capital...

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