The Industrial Revolution : The Cotton Gin And Interchangeable Parts By Eli Whitney

The Industrial Revolution : The Cotton Gin And Interchangeable Parts By Eli Whitney

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During the time of the early to mid 1800s the industrial revolution was in full swing. The development of inventions such as the cotton gin and interchangeable parts by Eli Whitney enabled both the North and South to produce certain goods much more efficiently and en mass. At this time the Southern states, while having increased production, did not shift from their agrarian society and plantation system to the industrial system of the North. The North became much more industrialized and encouraged people to move away from their farms and take jobs working in factories, creating a shift from producing for oneself and the community to producing for the market, or the market revolution. The stark differences between these societies, coupled with the use of slavery in the South and not in the North would lead to tension and feelings of sectionalism between the two areas. While the states may be interdependent towards the beginning of the 1800s, later the North would grow in independence with manufacturing, and the South will drag behind making it difficult to create compromises, which would strain tensions further, helping to lead to the Civil War, thus making the industrial revolution a significant turning point for the culture of the country as a whole.

In the Northern states, more and more factories were being built. These factories enabled more manufacturing in society and more finished goods to be produced on a larger scale. This was due to multiple helpful inventions. For one, the spinning jenny, for textiles. Having these technological advancements made it much more profitable to the states to produce their own goods. This is also led to a shift in demographics and the work force. Previously, people would work a...

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... be dealt with favorably in Congress.
Another large problem that arose for the Industrial Revolution, was tariffs. The North wanted to tariffs to protect its manufacturing industry and allow it to make more money through competitive pricing. The South did not want this at all. Since the South was constantly try to export goods, such as cotton, to foreign countries, tariffs would raise the price and hurt the South. The conflicting ideals between the states created more negative pressure on state relations. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, states were much more tolerable of each other. They had fewer qualms about slavery, and the North particularly, was not as concerned about being a world economic power. With the propensity to gain power through the Industrial Revolution, the sections became greedier in many ways. Which caused many internal conflicts.

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