Industrial Pollutants: Heavy Metals and Their Salts Essay

Industrial Pollutants: Heavy Metals and Their Salts Essay

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1. Introduction
Heavy metals and their salts (Cu, Zn, Hg, Pb, Co, Ni,) are widespread industrial
pollutants. In the waters they come from natural sources (rocks, the surface layers of soil and
groundwater), the wastewater of many industrial enterprises and precipitation, which are polluted
with smoke emissions. Heavy metals as trace elements are constantly encountered in natural
waters and aquatic bodies. Depending on the geochemical conditions of the wide variations in
their level.
Heavy metals are quite stable. Entering the ponds, they are included in the cycling of
matter and subjected to various transformations. Inorganic compounds are rapidly bind buffer
system of water and transferred into poorly soluble hydroxides, carbonates, sulfides and
phosphates, and also form organometallic complexes are adsorbed to the bottom sediments.
Under the influence of living organisms (bacteria, etc.) mercury, tin, arsenic undergo
methylation, becoming more toxic alkyl compound. Moreover, metals can accumulate in various
organisms, and transmitted in increasing amounts with food chain. Particularly dangerous
mercury, zinc, lead, cadmium, arsenic, since the intake in humans and higher animals can
cause poisoning. Accumulation coefficient material ranges from them from hundreds to several
There many heavy metals, however in this project we have focused on Co (II). Because
Co (II) appears to be one of the essential elements to human body at low concentration.
However, when cobalt is too concentrated, it may damage human body and may cause diseases
such as asthma and pneumonia1. Cobalt pollution may be cause from car gas turbines, used in
many alloys (super alloys for parts in gas turbine aircraft engines, corrosion r...

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...rogram, I feel ready to transfer to a four-year colleges, and participate further
in the Honors Program.

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