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Induction of staff is a vital step undertaken by the administration to ensure that their staffs remain effective in provision of services to consumers. The aim of this research is to analyse how effective induction of nurses is in retaining the nurse bank staff. From the population sample of the nurses and other staff members, the research will seek to address the views of the sample population to understand how effective induction is.
Pre test designs
The participants that have been selected to serve as a sample are placed in several groups from where they can now be researched on. The researcher is expected to monitor the effect of the new stimuli that has been introduced on the sample groups and how the sample population reacts to it. It is advisable that the sample be chosen at random in order for the results not to be biased. This helps to isolate and nullify any nuisance.
Sampling Method
To obtain valid data, a sample has to be chosen from the whole population as it is time consuming to handle the whole population. The sample should be comprised of workers and their employers and some patients who have been granted services from the medical institution. In the selection of the population, stratified sampling will be adopted in order for the research to pay attention to a given subgroup hence it is not easy to confuse information (Byrnes, 2008). This division into the given sub population could be done with reference to the area of specialization with reference to their skills and knowledge to obtain their views on induction.

Data Collection
The key issue here is not on how we collect data but on how to ensure that we obtain data that is useful. The data will therefore help the researcher to obtain a working as...

... middle of paper ...

... effects that appear in the context but it would be advisable if you remain constant in interviewing all respondents. Appropriate tools and measurement devices have to be obtained to ensure reliability and validity.
Data Analysis
Interviews can be analyzed by the use of observation where researchers note the way respondent answers questions during the interview. Given the fact that the interview is structured it is easier for the researcher to analyze the data using statistical packages like SPSS (Bryman, Hardy & Hard, 2009). The advantage of statistical significance is that samples reflect the realities in a population. The researcher will also have to put the ethical issues into consideration before conducting survey on opinion from nurses. Permission will be also sorted from the PCT regarding data protection and confidentiality (Best & Krierger, 2004).

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- Induction of staff is a vital step undertaken by the administration to ensure that their staffs remain effective in provision of services to consumers. The aim of this research is to analyse how effective induction of nurses is in retaining the nurse bank staff. From the population sample of the nurses and other staff members, the research will seek to address the views of the sample population to understand how effective induction is. Non-Experimental Research Design The specific non-experimental design to be used here is the longitudinal study in which there is repeated observation of the same variables for a given period of time (Yin, 2009)....   [tags: Business Management ]

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