Individuals With Disabilities Of India And The United States Essay

Individuals With Disabilities Of India And The United States Essay

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Individuals with Disabilities in India and the United States

Millions of people suffer with disabilities each day in India and in the United States. In both countries disabled people are not socially accepted and are often treated unfairly. In India people live with disabilities in undesirable conditions and circumstances each day, however measures are being taken to improve these situations. The United States has more technology and accessibility and is way more advanced in order to address the needs of people that are disabled. The United States and India are both faced with individuals with disabilities but India interprets and treats them quite differently.

Individuals with disabilities in the United States are faced with hardship everyday in getting an education. Those with disabilities are not given equal and fair treatment to information as other non-disabled people are and are often treated as a lower class. Whether the discrimination is based on stereotypes or anything else other than their own merit, we all deserve to be free of it (Goldstein 4). Without equal access for everyone there will be no social integration and equality. Most individuals with disabilities are very talented and gifted people. They often get treated unfairly and are looked at differently for something as simple as a wheelchair can set them apart from others. Congress passed the civil rights act of 1866, guaranteeing rights to equal treatment under the law and equal rights in contract (Goldstein 4). This law gives all equality to those with disabilities and all equal rights just as everyone else. To be protected one must have a disability or a relationship with an individual with a disability and who has a physical or mental impairment tha...

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... United States advances are more diverse due to cultural and technology advancements. India 's poverty and landscaping makes it more difficult for those with disabilities, however progress is being made to improve the conditions and accessibility for the disabled to maneuver around and be more socially accepted in India. New bill of rights in India would provide more equipment, support and jobs for the disabled. Support groups are being formed to help the disabled become more accepted in society and live more normal lives. The United States has bill of rights to protect and provide equal rights to people that are disabled; however they still have much work to do in order to eliminate the stereotypes that many disabled people face each day. In order for the disabled to live happy and healthy lives in India or in the United States society must learn to accept them.

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