Individuals Can Benefit From Having Multiple Literacies Essay

Individuals Can Benefit From Having Multiple Literacies Essay

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Individuals can benefit from having multiple literacies. Literacy in area outside of academia can be repurposed and used in academic settings too. The same is true for academic literacies; academic expertise can prove beneficial in other areas. In order to repurpose literacy, one would apply knowledge by reconstructing past literacies and reapplying it in order to enhance present literacies. One educator, Kevin Roozen, described repurposing literacy as blending together of extracurricular elements and of elements from other literate experiences (Roozen 18). Mary Maragrget Holt, dean of the Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts at the University of Oklahoma, is a prime illustration of this very idea.
Dean Holt has had a lifelong career in the arts. She started dancing at the School of American Ballet at age fifteen in New York City before attending the University of Oklahoma where she studied ballet performance. After earning her degree, she went on to audition for the Houston Ballet and danced as a soloist there for several years. Later, Holt became an adjunct professor of ballet at the University of Oklahoma, which led to her current post: dean of the college of fine arts at the University of Oklahoma. Dean Holt was able to advance from career to career, and she was able to do so through the implementation of time management skills.
Time management is a necessary skill in order to successfully advance one’s career, especially in a performance art like ballet. Performing artists must manage rehearsals, technique classes, and social events. As a student, Holt had a chance to hone in on time management skills. At the University of Oklahoma, students studying dance are expected to attend rehearsals, technique classes, and acade...

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... proved to be a prime example of Roozen’s theory describing how a mixture of elements from multiple literacies can be advantageous for an individual (Roozen 18). Time management is a crucial skill that, for dancers, is developed through ballet, school, and performance. These habits translate to aid individuals in other vocations as well. For Mary Margaret Holt, it proved to be especially poignant in her journey from dancer to dean. Growing up, she could never imagine her life without dance being a major part of it. Her dedication to this art form can be seen by the amount of time she has put into it. As a performance artist, one always has to be growing to avoiding becoming complacent. As the years have gone on, Dean Holt has become anything but complacent. She followed her passion from school to stage, and back to the studio, while efficiently managing her time.

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