Individualism And Transcendentalism Essay

Individualism And Transcendentalism Essay

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Skylar Wilkerson
Mr. Fillinger
English 3 Period 2
03 November 2017
Differences between transcendentalism and the modern era
The ideals that people in the world are constantly changing. Three things that have changed since the transcendentalist era are peoples views on individualism, nature, and materialism. There are many differences between the transcendentalist era and the modern day.
Individualism from the transcendentalist era is very different then it is in the modern day. In the transcendentalist era, everyone believed that the person is more important than the society. You see this in self reliance where Emerson says “Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string. Accept the place the divine providence has found for you, the society of your contemporaries, the connection of events” (Emerson par. 3). In this quote, i believe the emerson is saying that you know what's best for yourself and you should follow your heart, but society is always going to try to tell you something different. In the modern day, people rely more on the society as a whole, rather than relying on themselves. An example of this is shown in Nelson Hultberg’s article “Is Individualism dead” where he says “As a result, bureaucracy grew, life became less meaningful, peace became the exception, and that vital spirit of individualism faded in face of the burgeoning welfare state” (Hultberg par. 7).  I choose this quote because i believe that is shows how people currently view individualism. As you can see individualism is very different today than it was in the transcendentalist era.
In the transcendentalist era nature was something that was highly regarded but it is not that way anymore. In the transcendentalist era everyone care about nat...

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... very different than the modern era. There are several different examples that show how society has changed its ideals over time, but three of the main one are individualism, the views on nature, and materialism.

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