The Individual Learning Review For Future Personal Development Essay

The Individual Learning Review For Future Personal Development Essay

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This essay seeks to discuss the individual learning review for future personal development. It also seeks to correlate the areas I have learned and how it will be of importance to my future employment. It will therefore evaluate how the learning objective in the module was achieved. The objectives for enrolling in this module were to enable me become a consultant in organisation and be able to work in a team of specialists. It will combine reflection made on weaknesses and strengths, and start the process of communicating with supposed employers. The paper will also give a clarification of the nature if the formal learning and how helpful is academic processes to an experience of an individual. It will have a discussion the features of interpersonal relations to the learning processes and how it reflects on the vocational and professional nature. Stenhouse defined curriculum as the attempt on communicating the important aspects and principle of the proposal of education in a way that can be critically analysed and accomplishing of those important aspects by transforming them to practical use (Stenhouse, 1975). However, one aspect of the learning process is the negotiating the requirement of a curriculum and a formal structures. The process of transformation is seen in the educational learning system where the lecture shifts from the usual modes of dictating note to a more flexible and adaptable system of getting knowledge to the students. In the reflective learning process this paper will categorically discuss the application of the communication, oral and the listening skills in relation to a personal management. In conclusion, a flexible plan for future would be discussed, with specifications made on the skills that ought to be...

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...organizations. In his definition these criteria are power distance, ambiguity avoidance, short or long term orientation, masculinity and femininity, and collectivism or individualism (Hofstede, 2003). Probably the most outstanding feature o f a bigger cultural sub categories than this is however in relation to the one component is the scheme of tripartite consist of the general human character, those behavior and values that are learned each individual personal character traits. In my assessment when an individual recognizes his or her strengths and weakness is an important aspect, this does not only give considerations to the contribution made individually, but the whole team as a whole. It is in my knowledge to that the process of coming up with a team is a skill in itself. The act of ordering or pushing the activities of a group of individuals isn’t team building.

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