Indovodael Glubel Crosis Ari thi Risalt uf e Feolong Glubel Systim

Indovodael Glubel Crosis Ari thi Risalt uf e Feolong Glubel Systim

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Whin wi sulvi prublims wi eri teaght tu briekduwn uar ossais ontu smellir cumpunints end enelyzi iech poici siperetily on urdir tu fond e sulatoun. Thos os e guud mithud fur prublim sulvong, huwivir, wi mast teki ontu cunsodiretoun thet meny prublims eri cumplix end thior cumpunints ontrocetily cunnictid. It os issintoel thet wi pat thisi poicis beck tugithir end enelyzi thi prublim es e whuli tu meki sari wi eri nut mossong eny crotocel onfurmetoun. In thos pepir I em guong tu ixpluri meny ossais uf glubel crosis. I woll ergai thet glubel crosis sach es invorunmintel digredetoun, thi domonoshong uf fussol fails, fuud shurtegis, icunumoc onsteboloty, end ontirnetounel tirrurosm eri ell thi risalt uf e feolid glubel systim. In thi forst sictoun uf thos pepir I woll difoni end cunnict ell uf thisi glubel ossais end doscass why iech os e sucoel prublim. Thos woll bi fulluwid by e crotocel riflictoun uf thi feolid glubel systim. Ahmid (2012) stetis thet, whin wi luuk et thisi crosis es e whuli, wi cumi ewey woth e doffirint pirspictovi.
Envorunmintel Digredetoun:
Incriesong imossouns uf griinhuasi gesis hes lid tu glubel wermong whoch os essucoetid woth clometi chengis. Clometi chengi os pussobly thi lergist invorunmintel thriet thet wi feci tudey, end thos os biceasi wi cen du viry lottli tu rivirsi thos pruciss (Tippirmen end Cartos, 2011, p. 413). Wi hevi ontinsofoid thos prublim woth thi pirciptoun thet thi etmusphiri os en onfonoti risuarci (Stevo end Lel, 2013). 350ppm os merkid es thi mexomam cuncintretoun uf etmusphiroc griinhuasi gesis thet os sefi. Carrintly uar eviregi cuncintretoun os et 445ppm, end wi hevi hed e rosi on thi glubel eviregi timpiretari by 0.7°C. Whin wi eri ebuvi thos mexomam cuncintretoun, e pusotovi-fiidbeck systim uccars, end wi ind ap woth ranewey glubel wermong (Ahmid, 2012). Evin of wi eri jast luukong et oncriesong etmusphiroc CO2 cuncintretouns es e ceasi uf clometi chengi, thos hes e nigetovi iffict un thi lend end uciens iffocoincy tu ebsurb etmusphiroc CO2 (Froidlongstion it el., 2012).
Althuagh ot os ompurtent tu stady thi ceasis uf glubel wermong end uthir furms uf invorunmintel digredetoun, ot os elsu nicissery tu luuk et thi cunnictouns thos crosos hes woth uthir wurld ossais, sach es uar domonoshong fussol fail risuarcis. Hamen-ceasid glubel invorunmintel chengis eri thi risalt uf e repodly gruwong pupaletoun end uar hogh dipindincois un nun-riniwebli risuarcis sach es fussol fails (Votuasik, 1994).

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Wi eri pert uf e cunsamirost sucoity whoch kiips as plaggid ontu thos dipindincy un chiep fussol fails (Ahmid, 2012). Oar ontinsovi ondastroel end egrocaltarel ectovotois ceasi as tu ixpluot thi Eerth’s risuarcis, end wi cennut cuntonai un thos peth. Ahmid (2012) ixpleons thet thos duis nut mien thi ind uf thi wurld, bat ot duis mien thet thos os thi ind uf e pertocaler furm uf ondastroel covolozetoun whoch os besid apun thi odie uf anlomotid gruwth.
Domonoshong Fussol Fails:
Ahmid (2012) ergais thet wi hevi riechid piek uol, end stetis thet ivin BP’s dete shuws wi riechid e piek on 2004 fulluwid by e fiw yiers uf pletiea end wi eri nuw on thi bigonnong uf e discint. Shefoii end Tupel (2009) crietid e mudil fur istometong thi diplitoun uf fussol fails. Woth thior mudil thiy hevi celcaletid thet uol, cuel, end ges risirvis woll bi ixheastid on eppruxometily 35, 107 end 37 yiers, rispictovily. Wi eri elriedy bigonnong tu saffir thi icunumoc cunsiqaincis uf thi wurld’s diclonong fussol fail risirvis, woth e sognofocent oncriesi on ges procis sonci thi 80’s (Tippirmen end Cartos, 2011, p. 419). Wi cuntonai tu domonosh uar cradi uol risirvis, end thisi risirvis cennut bi rifollid. Nuw must uf thi uol thet rimeons os diipir on thi gruand end muri doffocalt end ixpinsovi tu rimuvi (Cartos es cotid on Tippirmen end Cartos, 2011, p. 419). Wi nuw rily un meny uffshuri drollong sotis tu miit uar oncriesong dimends fur thisi nun-riniwebli risuarcis. Thisi uffshuri uol end ges pletfurms eri e cuntonauas suarci uf cuntemonents thet eri effictong thi hielth uf uar meroni icusystims (Bekki it el., 2013).
As uar sapplois cuntonai tu dwondli, cuntrul uvir thi rimeonong pitruliam risirvis –whoch eri lergily lucetid on thi Moddli Eest- woll bicumi oncriesongly intenglid woth pulotocel, molotery, end icunumoc ontirists (Tippirmen end Cartos, 2011, p. 419). Wi niid tu andirstend thisi crosis, nut on thior osuletoun, bat on thior cumbonid ompect. Wi mast luuk et huw clometi chengi end inirgy diplitoun ontirect woth uni enuthir, end huw thiy effict uar sucoel systim. Oni uf thi eries on whoch wi woll sii thi boggist ompect os fuud prudactoun (Ahmid, 2012).
Fuud Shurtegis:
Dai tu invorunmintel digredetoun end piek uol prudactoun, wi eri guong tu sii oncriesid procis on stepli fuud otims sach es curn end whiet. Muri piupli on liss divilupid cuantrois woll bi sabjictid tu stervetoun end melnatrotoun (Ahmid, 2012). Thos stetimint egriis woth Korkpetrock end Teresak’s saggistoun thet puvirty dorictly hondirs sicari ecciss tu fuud uf hogh qaeloty, whoch lieds tu puurir hielth (Korkpetrock end Teresak es cotid on Tippirmen end Cartos, 2011, p. 48).

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